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“Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.” This is one of Coach Kenion’s favorite quotes. It’s also a big part of how he runs all of his training programs.


Speed is key for all athletes, in all sports. This eight-week program will increase the athlete’s straight-line speed by improving your start, explosion, stride length, and stride frequency.

At game time, an athlete’s explosiveness can make all the difference in the world. This program will improve your vertical jump, change of direction, quickness, and starts.
Agility & Quickness

All great players have the ability to change direction quickly to stay with the play. This program uses specific drills and techniques to improve the athlete’s lateral movement, quickness, and agility. You’ll also receive a personalized training program.

To win, an athlete needs to be in playing shape. This program features a wide variety of conditioning drills to help you reach your peak performance.

Top athletes have special traits that make them the best in their sport or position. This program will help you maximize your potential in the sport or position of your choice.
Camps & Clinics

Group contests and competitions elevate the fun in training while producing effective results. These programs offer specialized drills and training, along with a professional coaching staff so that everyone gets attention.
Team and Group Training

Sometimes the best thing a team can do is to supplement its regular training by focusing on a particular challenge or goal, or just breaking the regular routine. Coach Kenion has great results working with entire teams that want to elevate their game play.
Personal Training